Case Studies

PlainsCapital Bank hired Turningpoint to present its Moving from Salesperson to Trusted Advisor hallmark course, customized to incorporate “the Plains Capital way” by including Bank leadership to discuss goals and their achievement + a team of seven lenders who helped to underscore the importance of cultivating the TM / credit officer partnership. We worked with the division leader and sales leaders to understand areas of opportunity and to ensure we include PlainsCapital examples, nomenclature and are on point with key messaging. The two-day course, at the bank’s corporate headquarters brought members of the team together from all across the state and was incredibly well received.

COCC hired Turningpoint Communications to fulfill the cash management sales training needs for a diverse set of clients at different stages of cash management division roll out, from those contemplating entering the cash management space, to those who recently hired or redeployed a dedicated internal resource to sell cash management), to several more sophisticated clients, who have well built out systems and seasoned cash management professionals in CM sales and other positions. COCC believes in maximizing its customer experience.  Providing cash management sales training at its state of the art facility and training room allowed COCC to provide tours, introduce clients to COCC’s President and key personnel, and find ways to delight its customers.

Building upon our trademarked, Moving from Salesperson to Trusted Advisor – Cash Management Sales Training course, we emphasized several points for the diverse audience, including building out a Cash Management division, empowering bankers to champion CM, positioning CM salesperson as the expert and trusted advisor, pricing products appropriately, not waiving fees, and reinforcing value based on compelling qualities: time savings, risk mitigation, employee productivity, greater efficiencies, etc. Educating business partners about the benefits of Cash Management, and bringing CM sales officers in earlier in the relationship (and help them to pick up on cues that may lead to a CM sale or deeper penetration.) Driving sales culture and closing the deal and keeping them happy.

Turningpoint was asked back to develop a special course to help their clients who would be building out their divisions in the next year to two. We brought 30 year cash management sales leader who built out a cash management division at her bank and grew cash management revenues from $300,000 to over 2 million in 10 years. We continue to take questions from COCC clients as they implement their strategies. Please see COCC write up here.

In line with a brand new management team and newly instituted high performance (no excuses) sales culture, designed and facilitated a half-day advanced treasury management sales training course for the entire Treasury Management sales force, across all markets at Key Bank.

The goal was to empower the sales team with tools and raise the bar, while understanding best practices. 

In preparing for the course, Turningpoint Communications worked closely with Key Bank University, sales management, senior managers and executive management.

Turningpoint Communications reinforced Key Bank sales best practices by bringing TPC experiences across the country to bear for the Bank.

Lessons were reinforced through webinars.

Bank of America wanted to promote a recent unique business win from a formidable incumbent that demonstrated a commitment to cross-enterprise collaboration and a willingness to get things done for the client. Turningpoint Communications met with Bank of America team leaders and the client lead to comprise a compelling case study. Thorough interviews brought about ample information to create the business case. Versions of the case study were use in marketing materials, and in a subsequent press release that was picked up in industry publications worldwide.

Bank of America engaged Turningpoint Communication  to develop a learning session/ focus group for mid-sized businesses in 15 geographic regions across the United States, in an effort to capture marketshare from community banks in underserved geographic regions.

Bank of America sought to position itself as a highly viable community bank alternative with superior products and services AND a hometown feel, and at the same time, a thought leader for mid-sized business and trusted advisor across many areas of concern for these business leaders.  Together with Bank of America thought leaders, Turningpoint Communications developed eight hour-long courses, including: Working Capital Management, Employee Fraud, Electronic Payment / Receipt Innovations, Creative Financing Solutions for Small Business, Managing Interest and Foreign Exchange Rate Risk, and Equipment Financing Advantages, from which business owners and leaders could choose.

The program was extremely so well received in its pilot market that it was packaged for syndication in other key geographic markets across the country

Fidelity National Information Services (FIS) hired Turningpoint Commmunications in 2009 to differentiate its comprehensive cash management systems and payment solutions with educational resources for banking providers.

Turningpoint Communications developed a consultative / relationship sales course for its cash management and treasury management financial services clients. The course provides an educational opportunity for community bank sales teams, including cash/treasury management sales officers, commercial loan officers, relationship managers, bank executives, and branch managers who directly or indirectly sell treasury management solutions. Attendees report increased knowledge, positive feelings about the financial services systems provider (FIS) and immediately applicable takeaways. Please see individual evaluations here. 

Designed and facilitated a half-day advanced treasury management sales training course aimed at the most seasoned Treasury Management Sales Officers (TMOs) at PNC. The goal was to encourage an additional 15% production from top tier TMOs, while fully engaging seasoned, high-performing TMOs in interactivity, including team exercises, role playing, case study preparation, presentation and games.

In preparing for the course, Turningpoint Communications worked closely with senior managers and outstanding TMOs from three different PNC market segments: Corporate Finance, Middle Market, Commercial, to define the “PNC way,” sales strategy, and PNC and industry and sales best practices.

Within the context of the course, shared, showcased and practiced best practices from outstanding PNC TMOs.

Measurement: In addition to outstanding course reviews, TMO’s individual increased production further justify their time spent, effort, and commitment to the program, and to sustain change.

Measured information retention and usage 4 months after the course to understand adoption rates and quantify ROI.

Turningpoint Communications has been in contact with individual TMOs to further training in distinct areas of interest.

Webster Bank hired Turningpoint Commmunications to develop a customized treasury management sales training course for its diverse treasury services sales team and key internal business partners.

Goals were four-fold:

  1. Create consistency of the sales experience across all sales people, and for Bank clients
  2. Consolidate seasoned professionals’ best practices to define and customize “The Webster Way” of selling treasury management solutions at Webster Bank
  3. Setting strategic goals and being accountable for success and measurement thereof
  4. Team building with internal business partners

The course, Treasury Management Sales Best Practices Exploration: Moving from Sales Person to Solutions Provider, was designed to support sales officers’ professional development, support goal achievement and to create consistency of the Webster Bank sales experience across all sales people and ultimately for Bank clients, and to have sales officers be accountable for challenges and share accomplishments with colleagues.