About Us

At Turningpoint, we help our clients to focus and differentiate – to sell more. We practice what we preach.

We boast vast experience and networks in these verticals

We are a national marketing and business development support firm focused on financial services, high-tech, retail, academia, healthcare, and membership organizations. so we can deliver industry-specific programming and deliverables that get results.

We will get you in front of your clients in new and impactful ways.

We approach marketing and business development support differently than other firms. We promote our clients’ thought-leadership, best practices and client engagement for the highest impact and return on investment.

We love people, especially our clients.

We are creative, energetic, thoughtful, dynamic and fun. Get ready for an experience you will never forget.

Sell More:

  • Sell Yourself (brand, differentiators, experience, credibility, subject matter expertise)
  • Sell Solutions (to your customers’ business challenges versus pitching products)
  • Sell Value Propositions (quantify savings for customers so they know they can’t do business without you)